John W Saunders - Notary Public


An English Notary Public may be described as a specialist lawyer whose main business is to verify the proper execution of English documentation going abroad and, where necessary, to issue an appropriate certificate.  That certificate, or in some cases the original document itself, will be signed by the Notary and he will also attach his Notarial Seal of Office which is personal to him and totally unique.

Notary Seal

This is a formal procedure, and necessarily so, for what the Notary says and so certifies will be relied upon throughout the world.

An English Notary Public is a member of the smallest, but oldest, branch of the legal profession and is appointed by the profession’s own Court, which is known as the Court of Faculties.

There are three types of Notary namely Ecclesiastical Notaries – concerned mainly with church affairs;  Scrivener Notaries – concerned in business solely as Notaries and not part of any other profession and exclusively centred in the cities of London and Westminster, and Notaries Public/General Notaries.  In practice you are more likely to come into contact with a Public/General Notary than the other types.

Most Public/General Notaries are also solicitors and most main towns with a number of solicitors’ offices will also have a Notary.  However, there are some specialist Notary business, even outside Central London, and the offices of John W Saunders – Notary Public is one of those businesses.

Notaries may also carry out in their own right as Notaries many aspects of non-contentious work to include probate, trusts, wills and conveyancing.