John W Saunders - Notary Public


The primary work of a Notary is to prepare documents and/or to formally witness the execution of documents and/or to authenticate the contents of documents and to administer Oaths and Declarations.  By this process the Notary attempts to make the document acceptable to, and therefore receivable by, foreign jurisdictions.

Notary Signature

By signing and sealing a document a Notary verifies the authenticity of the facts set out in that document and, apart from legalization at either the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or at a foreign embassy or consulate, no other formal requirements will be needed by the foreign jurisdiction in which the document is required.

Notaries also have special jurisdiction in relation to the Protest of Bills of Exchange and Protests arising from the ownership and use of ships and shipping generally.

Some Notaries will also carry out all aspects of what is known as non-contentious work to include conveyancing and the drawing of wills and the administration of deceased persons’ estates and trust work.

All sorts of other specialist work is also carried out as and when required.